Vintage Japanese Tougatta-kei Hand-Carved Wood Whistle by Kamata, Bunich

Sale price$45.00

Dimensions: 4-3/4”l x 1-5/8”dia.

Offered is a lathe-turned Whistle that has a bulbous form and beautiful decorated in the Tougatta fashion. Here one sees the use of Rokoru mono style of decoration using vertical stripes banding the body and base of the whistle using the standard colors of red and green, for both the line work as well as the surface decoration simulating chrysanthemum leaves and pine branches. Its’ bulbous body is the sound chamber, (the size of the chamber indicates the pitch of the sound), and the mouthpiece has an extended and well proportioned surface to rest the lips and mouth to facilitates the sound. The neck of the whistle has a notch or opening for air to flow through to make sound.

Condition: Excellent with some indication of wear but remains a natural well crafted piece of mingei. No chips, cracks, breaks, missing pieces or restoration, and retains its original details and finish. The piece meets all the standards of the collectible Toys.