Vintage Japanese Tougatta-kei Kokeshi Whistle by Sato, Ushizo (1889-1986)

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Dimensions: 7-3/4"h

This Tougatta doll whistle has the characteristic stacked and feathered hair and the whistle mouthpiece on the top to facilitate the sound. Its’ head is the sound chamber, (the size of the chamber indicates the pitch of the sound, (which here is high). The neck has a notch or opening for air to flow through to make sound. Radial designs incorporating strips and abstract chrysanthemum flowers are on its body layered one on top of another, (Kasanegiku). It displays long, narrow, crescent shaped eyes (Futae-Mabuta) with both the upper and lower eye lines. It has a cat nose (Neko-Bana) and tiny red lips. What makes this doll RARE and seldom do you see a Kokeshi that is a whistle. The size of this piece is small for it was specifically made for a child to hold and play. The doll is signed on the back by the artist.

Condition: Excellent with some indication of wear, slight fading but remains a natural well-crafted object. No chips, cracks, breaks, missing pieces or restoration, and retains its original details and finish. The piece meets all the standards of the collectible and in this case a Doll and Toy.