Vintage Tsugaru Traditional Kokeshi by Abo, Muchihide


Dimensions: 12-0” h

The Tsugaru style of traditional Kokeshi is the newest of the eleven families, with this model by Abo-san, (who studied under the master Sato, Zenji, (1925-) being quite unusual. The Tsugaru dolls from the very beginning were mostly made for Kokeshi collectors since they show deviations from the rest of the traditional dolls. One distinguishing feature of this doll is that it has a hat with a top knot in red, without much decoration on the head, other than the indication of hair. The doll has a round chest, thin waist, and tapered lower body with red and purple horizontal line work framing a realistic flower with leaves. It has the Futae-Mabuta, (double lid), eyes, and large eyebrows, and a Maru-Bana, (round nose). The piece is signed.

Vintage Condition: The piece is in excellent condition, (“as is”), retains the original craft/workmanship, and is commensurate with age.  No discoloration, chipping/cracking, surface wear, or structural damage and consistent with age and standards of collectible Folk Art.