Japanese Vintage Hanaire | Woven Bamboo Flower Container | Signed

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Dimensions: 5-0” dia. x 7-0”h

This hanging Japanese woven bamboo Hanaire, designed as a wall-pocket vase, was popular around the 1950s, based on the signature and when this type of container was popular. This type of basket has a bamboo loop for hanging and was traditionally placed on a wall in the Tokonoma alcove, or a pilaster during the various seasons when cut flowers were in bloom. This is a beautiful vase-formed basket and is woven from bamboo. It has a natural and gorgeous patina from age, and overall detail and skilled craftsmanship. Signed unidentified craftsman. 

Vintage Condition: Excellent as originally made. “As is” with no flaws or cracking, (particularly on the corners), with a beautiful patina developed from aging, and retains the original craft/workmanship.

NOTE: The guest of a Japanese family normally sits in front of the Tokonoma, so that they can enjoy the display of “art objects" specially prepared for them. These can include Bonsai, Suiseki, Bamboo Wall Vases, scrolls or seasonal artwork, family relics, or something that will help the viewer to reflect, meditate, or simply enjoy. It is not (always) an opportunity to show off such items but to offer something that is both subtle and a natural complement for cut flowers.