Artisan | Woodworker: Iguchi, Hiroshi

Artisan | Woodworker: Iguchi, Hiroshi


Collector's note – Descriptive qualities/standard characteristics/ornamentation styles:

The use of many different wood stains and carved treatment, suggest clothing, (Kinomo and Obi), and with simulated hair, are the signs of the Sosaku Kokeshi are very evident. Incorporated into the Kimono are Chrysanthemums with a background executed in Rokuro-moyo to give a three-dimensional effect.  It is important to realize that within the Japanese art world there have been many shifts in perspective as to what constitutes “art” and what constitutes “craft.”

As a result, all of the elements have helped blur the lines of distinction as to what is considered art and high craft, which fall under the umbrella of Ningyo, in the process, opening up the field for all collectors of dolls.

Artist's Signature:

Iguchi Hiroshi Signature Kokeshi doll


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