Artisan | Woodworker: Kanazawa, Tokushie


Collector's note – Descriptive qualities/standard characteristics/ornamentation styles:

Kanazawa-san is renowned for his dolls featuring paintings of Black Peonys, (Botan Chou), which are a “rare” motif on Kokeshi dolls, and dolls, and are only made as a “one-off” creation for a specfic individual or occasion. It is said that Kanazawa was inspired by the famous, Peony Garden in Sukagawa, in the Fukushima Prefecture. His dolls are based on traditional facial and hairstyle types, and he incorporats a hand-painted striping technique called Rokuro Moyo. He only utilized black ink in sumi-e’ style graphic technique. The third delicate graphic  represents a peony petal and butterfly. The Kamon symbol was used only for top levels of citizens during the Samurai period in Japan. Kanazawa-san’s dolls are highly prized and seldom seen.

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