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This gorgeous 232p. index. illus., page book - the only comprehensive book on the subject in English and in print - captures the charm of these wooden treasures with 224 full-color plates of the very best examples of both traditional and creative Kokeshi dolls from all regions of Japan. The cover is unusual and has the look and feel of hand-crafted binding (Purfect Bound). Size: 6-9/16” x 11” x 3/4”. © April 2005 — Vermillion Publishing — ISBN: 0-9759570-0-7. Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

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Kokeshi: Wooden Treasures of Japan, is a modern exploration of a folk craft two centuries old. This timely publication reflects both the growing interest in Japan and Japanese culture in the West, and the rediscovery of folk art, traditional crafts, and culturally unique handmade objects. Beyond simple visual charm, the book presents an entirely new way of appreciating Kokeshi. By exploring the variety, diversity, and historical uniqueness of Kokeshi, the dolls become - beyond a delight to the eye - an important representation of a culturally rich and creative society. Familiar examples along with rare and lesser-known dolls are presented according to the traditional or creative association. Special attention is given to dolls of the ten traditional Kokeshi families, as well as creative dolls depicting popular folk legends and figures. Kokeshi by representative artists and regional and religious dolls are also included. To complete this publication, artists’ marks, signatures, and places of origin are illustrated. This book is an essential illustrative reference for the serious collector, and a fascinating education for anyone interested in folk dolls, traditional arts, or Japanese culture. This book received an award from the Independent Publishers Association for 2005.