eBook | Expressions of Daruma in Folk Art

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Retired researchers and importers of Japanese Folk Art, Evans and Wolf explore the multi-media artifacts focused on Bodhidharma who is the legend Zen patriarch known as Daruma, who legend says, sat in a cave for nine years without blinking or moving his eyes in an effort to reach enlightenment. This illustrative book explores the diversity of what symbolizes and represents Daruma in the world of Japanese interpretive art. 

Illustrated in this eBook are numerous representation of Daruma and decorative motif which imbue all forms of three-dimensional objet d’art, talisman, toy, games, dolls, display arts, woodblock prints, decoration, and novelty objects in wood, stone, clay, paper mâché’, lacquer, and textiles. To this day Daruma had continued to be a popular and beloved figure in art and folk culture and celebrated yearly at folk festivals throughout Japan. 

Over a forty-year period, both partners have collected all forms of Japanese folk art, and have published three earlier books entitled, Kokeshi: Wooden Treasures of Japan; Sosaku: A New Look at an Old Tradition; and A Collectors Guide: Traditional and Creative Kokeshi and Toys. Both continue to lecture and support exhibits on Japanese Folk Art.

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