Vintage Japanese Sosaku Kokeshi by Sato, Suigai


Dimensions: 16-0”h

The Kokeshi being offered, entitled: Summer Grasses is by a famous award-winning Kokeshi carver named, Sato, Suigai. What is unique to this doll is the unusual but traditional hairstyle with a bun on a beautifully tilted head that is tilted and raised from the body of the piece, with unique long eyelashes, a small nose, and red lips detailing her expressive face. The body of the doll is filled with a motif of ‘Stilt Grasses’, which are most commonly found in shady, moist areas of wetlands. She has a carved and uncolored wood obi on a vivid blue Kimono. After the turning, carving the doll is lacquered and sealed with natural candle wax, (Rosoku no ro). The piece has its name and is signed on the bottom by the artist along with his impressed mark in red.

Condition: Excellent condition means that the piece has no fading of the painted motif. Wonderful workmanship, turning, without repairs, and in original condition and consistent with age and standards of collectible Kokeshi Folk Art.

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