Antique 20th Century Chinese Export-Porcelain | Turquoise Glazed Phoenix Bird

Sale price$75.00

Dimensions: 8-1/2”h

This figurine is likely dated to circa 1910-1950 and was made in China but does not have a impressed stamp which means it is prior to the orders to mark imports. It depicts a Ho-Ho bird which is a mythical creature from Chinese mythology that is often portrayed as many different birds, including the phoenix, pheasant, stork, heron, and bird of paradise. It is thought to bring good luck and symbolizes good fortune, longevity, fidelity, and wisdom. The Ho-Ho has beautifully detailed feathers on its body and flowing tail with an expressive crest on the top of his head. The bird of Paradise is resting next to a deep purple leaves with ivory colored lotus flowers. 

The glazing is exceptionally beautiful giving depth to the entire piece. While many antique and vintage pieces glazed in Turquoise are typically monochrome, the textural quality of the crown and wattle together complement the turquoise gracefully.

Vintage Condition: Excellent with unusual painted detail work giving depth to the finish with damage to any part of the figurine. “As is”, and retains the original craft/workmanship. Any discoloration, chipping/cracking, surface wear or structural damage is not present.