Antique Chinese Carved Ivory Miniature Root Stand


Dimensions: 1-3/4”h x 1-1/2”-1-3/4” dia.

A small, rare, and collectible antique pre-ban Elephant carved cream-white ivory stand. Amazing hand-carved with intricate textured relief surfaces on all sides from the head end of a tusk, with tree roots, frogs, and turtle motifs. The turtle symbolizes good fortune and long life; the frog symbolizes fertility, prosperity, and abundance, and wishes for a safe return to their place of origin. 

The stand has a separately attached flat top surface that appears like the top of a tree stump and is attached to the body of the stand. Made to display a snuff bottle or small decorative object.  

Condition: Excellent antique condition retaining their original craft/workmanship showing and is commensurate with age. The Interior/underside is carved from the tip of a tusk and has a rough unfinished interior as shown in the images.