Antique Japanese Oki-Doko Display Furniture | Antique Japanese Display Cabinet with Storage

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Dimensions: 31-0”l x 8-0”w x 12-0”d

This is a very unusual, vintage Japanese wooden Okidoko display stand for the display of objects such as Kokeshi or other Japanese decorative art. This piece of furniture serves as a portable display cabinet similar to a built-in Tokonoma but on a smaller scale. These were mainly used in small living quarters and were made to celebrate a special object backed by a beautiful scroll welcoming guests to the home. The piece is made with bold Keyaki (elm) wood with an original clear lacquer finish and is finished in a lovely medium to dark brown wood color and has raw natural bark carved posts on the two front-facing corners. The most unusual design feature is that the sliders are faced with a brocade fabric depicting bamboo and foliage in cream colors. There are multiple versions of the Oki-Doko, several of which were used as a Getabako (shoe cupboard), with a higher platform to sit and take off shoes and higher/deeper storage in the space below. This piece, with smaller sliders and storage space, was used to hold other small collectibles that were seasonally rotated, incense, and other aromatics. 

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Condition: Original, very good to excellent condition considering that the piece is Pre-1900 with minimal scratches on the top surface from light object displays. There are no chips or missing elements.