Antique Japanese Kamakura Bori Suzuribako with Storage, (Writing Box) | Cherry Blossom Motif | Taisho

Sale price$195.00

Dimensions: 1-1/2”h x 6-5/8” w x 9-1/2” l 

A striking, finely lacquered, and complete set of a Japanese Suzuribako, (writing box) with inkstone, ink block, silver Suiteki, (water dropper), and one used orange lacquer brush befit the box (base of the interior is specifically fashioned to hold the inkstand and Suiteki in place). This Suzuribako has rounded unseparated corners and features a bold graphic design that is clearly influenced by the modern, "Art Deco” style incorporating a Cherry Blossom motif, and emphasizing the smooth lines that demarcate the borders of the low relief flower, creating a masterful sense of spatial play at work keeping with the gentle curves of the overall appearance. 

Condition: Excellent and consistent with age and use. Overall fine condition without extensive wear and age-developed patination.