Antique Japanese Keyaki Wooden Brazier | Ikebana Container


Dimensions:  6-1/2”h x 12-0”w x 7-3/4”d 

Antique Japanese Gentleman’s Keyaki burled Wooden Hibachi was initially used as a brazier (Heater), supportive of the tea ceremony, and later when these fell out of fashion/use, it was used as an Ikebana/plant container. After the 1930s they were used throughout Japan giving further life/use, ("mottainai”, meaning not to waste and prolonging the use of this beautiful, naturally sculptured wood.

As the images show the trunk was left natural while the interior was hollowed out from a single oval root. This large hand-carved, naturalistic gnarled root-bark exterior emphasizes the beautifully grained exterior. The free form is mountain-like in appearance has a thick edge. The entire piece is mounted on a plinth base and polished to enhance its fine-grained surface.

It takes an expert’s eye to recognize the beauty and potential of root and burl treasures found in old-growth forests. The earlier skilled craftsmen then transformed these natural wonders into functional and unique works of art. These pieces were rarely signed.

Condition: Excellent condition meaning no imperfections are found, unrestored, and retains its beautiful patinated finish, preserving the original craftsmanship. Meets the standards of the collector of Japanese wood-carved folk art.