Antique Japanese Lacquer Letter/Document Box | Persimmon Motif

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Dimension: 4-1/2”h x 12-3/4”l x 9-1/4”w 

This RARE Japanese Lacquer Lidded Letter or Document box exhibits an exceptionally wonderful texture and bold design detailing through intricate high-relief carving (Takamakie). The motif represents the “Miracle Japanese Persimmons” (kaki) combining glossy black, orange, and reddish-brown and yellow accented lacquer. The motif is used throughout the exterior of the box and removable lid (two on the lid with persimmon leaves and one on each side of the box). The most unique feature is the representations of persimmons throughout the piece, (a symbol of autumn, and in Buddhism a symbol of transformation and longevity, a reference to its sharp and bitter unripe taste (maturation), which finally transforms into a sugar-sweet fully ripen entity (wisdom). The texture is extremely deep and carved into the wooden base which is then accentuated by the colored lacquer with multiple coats to give a deep visual quality to the container.

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Condition: Generally excellent and retaining the original craft/workmanship. The exceptional quality of carving with minimal imperfections related to daily use. The piece meets all the standards of collectible Japanese Lacquerware.