Antique Japanese Meiji Tabako yōki with Kiseruzutsu and Kiseru Pipe | Netsuke "Inro" Tobacco Pouch


Dimensions: Tabako yōki - 5-0”h x 3-3/8”w x 2-1/2”d; x Kirerutsuzu/Kiseru - 8-1/4”

This wooden netsuke "Inrō" tobacco pouch is exceptionally hilarious. Offered is a Japanese Sagemono (hanging object). The wood tobacco box, (Tabako yōki) in the form of Daruma yawing, with detailed teeth and waking up from sleep with arms overhead, grasping the two cords with his fists. Daruma’s body combines two different wood types; Bamboo and Persimmonor kaki. (Note: his right arm and right leg are of the same wood, while the left is of another which matches his face. His eyes are inlaid with mother-of-pearl. His face lifts and functions as a cover for the tobacco box and has a makers mark on the backside. The cords holds a sliding carved wooden bead, (Ojime), which is attached to the pipe holder. Loosening the chord allows the face to be pulled out; revealing the tobacco compartment. The tobacco pipe set consists of a wood pipe holder, (Kirerutsuzu),  depicting a long-legged man, (Ashinaga) standing with arms raised. The “Original” kisser pipe has white metal mounts ornamented with 1000 cranes and attached to the bamboo stem, (Rau) which locks into the pipe holder for carrying, and all parts move and function as intended.  

Condition: Excellent condition for the piece is perfect, with no missing elements or color loss, and is in exceptional working condition. A beautiful patinated finish, retaining the original craftsmanship. Museum-quality: meeting the standards of the collector of the Japanese folk art genre.