Chinese Vintage Carved Agate Fish Snuff Bottle | Fish, Frog and Flower Design

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Dimensions: 2-1/8”h x 2-1/4”w x 2-1/4”d 

This beautiful orange and black Agate, “ma nao” Snuff Bottle is exceptionally carved in high relief, with a translucent and somewhat murkiness with visible grain and well-hollowed. What makes this piece exceptionally unusual is that it is carved from one piece of agate that had alternating bands of color within the stone. What makes this piece so unique, unusual, and valuable is that it required a great deal of skill from a master craftsman to carve the intricate aspects of this piece which include the fish, and the darker frog and flower. Included is the complete and original coral-headed stopper. Agate in China is considered one of the ‘seven treasures’ for which amber and particularly red agate was highly treasured.

Agate for Chinese people symbolizes longevity and is said to elevate the mood, giving people confidence. Snuff bottles were used during the Qing Dynasty to contain powdered tobacco. Smoking tobacco was illegal during the Qing Dynasty, but the use of snuff was allowed because the Chinese considered snuff to be a remedy for common illnesses such as colds, headaches, and stomach disorders. Comes with its original Chinese-carved wood nesting stand. The maker is unknown.

Condition: Mint condition and as originally crafted and in perfect condition retaining the beautiful and crafting of this rare artifact. As with the piece being offered, though small, collectors today appreciate snuff bottles for their beauty, rarity, cultural significance, and superb craftsmanship.

NOTE & ACKNOWLEDGEMENTA special Thanks to preservation efforts, animals and endangered materials, (e.g. ivory, rare woods, and semi-precious stones) are conservatively used today, if not banned altogether. However, we recognize that these materials have been important since ancient times for making a wide range of functional and decorative items. We only feature antique ivory and rare tree species because, while we support conservation, we truly feel that the experience and appreciation of historic artifacts should also be preserved. This Listing Complies With Local, State, and Federal law, Including Fish and Wildlife Regulations and January 14, 2009, MoU Between The U.S. And The People's Republic of China.