Identifying Japanese Dolls: Notes on Ningyô Hardcover by Lea Baten


Lea Baten's unique and resourceful hardcover book consisting of 144 pages assists in the identification of the familiar and unfamiliar figurines known as ningyô, and explores the roots of the word itself. This book not only identifies and describes ningyô, detailing their history and meaning but also contains a comprehensive index and one of the most extensive bibliographies on the doll motif ever published in English. Scholarship, clear illustrations, and a touch of humor guarantee a fresh and original approach to known and unknown ningyô.

About the Author: Lea Baten (?-2005), an international authority on the dolls, folk toys, and games of Japan, wrote three books and numerous articles on the subject, and contributed the section on Japanese ornamental dolls to the prestigious 34-volume Grove/Macmillan Dictionary of Art. She studied painting and art history at the Académie des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, and was responsible for organizing many remarkable exhibitions on various Asian and other arts during her 13-year tenure as vice-president of the Cultural Centre of the Abbey of Affligem, Belgium’s oldest Benedictine Abbey.

Condition: New, unused, unbroken binding.