Japanese Antique Suzuribako Writing Box | Calligraphy Box

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Dimensions: 13-0”h x 13-0”w x 9-0”d

This wonderful and beautifully preserved writing box was made to hold writing paper, brushes, ink stone and ink. The piece has one large drawer, two medium size drawers, one small drawer and one hinged top panel that lifts off to reveal a lacqured compartment intended for an ink stone and water dropper. The box is made of Birds Eye Maple, (Bāzuaimēpuru) covering all exterior surfaces, with decorative Iron hardware named Kaku-te, (square/angled) used for the drawer pulls and small button pulls. The interior of the box is made of Keyaki (Zelkova). The box has pierce opens on both sides for lifting and moving the piece.

Straddling the line between furniture and art, this Suzuribako was developed from the Japanese need for storage of calligraphy supplies and writing equipment that would not clutter their small living spaces. The box is a dramatic combination of utility and beauty and carries a unique history. Its careful construction conveys the region of origin, intended use, it owner’s status, wealth, and often profession.

 Condition: Excellent with a wonderfully-developed patina caused by a great deal of care and limited use. Other than polished with natural wax, the piece is unrestored and left as found.