Japanese Carved Bulldog (Burudoggu) Toy


Dimensions: 2-0”h x 1-1/2”w x 2-3/4”l

There are certain animals that hold a very special place in Japanese culture,  and this can bee seen through their inclusion in folklore and traditional sculptures. This is a wonder and expressive carved and painted Bulldog, having a black and natural wood (Falcataria Falcata) body, face, and decorated legs. This adorable beast gets so much attention from everyone throughout Japan..The carved white pure wood of smooth feel with wonderful natural looking folds around its mouth.  Ti has a cute pointed tail and ears. There is a stamp on the bottom of the body associated with Japanwave, (T-Lab) the maker. Their origin was in the Edo era (1603A.D. - 1867A.D.) as souvenirs for the Japanese tourists visiting the hot springs throughout Japan.

Condition: Perfect as made condition, no issues.