Japanese Chirimen Silk One-Of-A-Kind Brooch | Hyottoko Noh Character Decorative Pin


Dimensions: 1-1/4”L

This one-of-a-kind, whimsical silk pin is made with Chirimen, (crepe), which are made from rescued and repurposed vintage silk fabrics in a Noh character motif called Hyottoko. Hyottoko is a silly, childlike figure with a comical expression on his face. His mouth is almost always rounded and skewed to one side, as the stories about him usually involve him blowing on a bamboo pipe. In some traditional Japanese dances during festivals, dancers perform the role of the clown while wearing Hyottoko masks.

This unique Brooch was created and crafted by a 90 year old Japanese woman whose parents were Kimono makers. She focused and learned how to make other decorative items such as miniature Kimono, and silk brooches, all hand made and hand stitched from small scaled patterned silks to compliment her designs.

The skillful use of the subject and fabrication technique gives this Takayama artist’s work a refined quality, transforming woven material into expressive three-dimensional shapes.

Vintage Condition: Brooch in Excellent “as is” condition and as originally hand crafted.

NOTE: Being a fashion decorative accessory a brooch is connected to our bodies, therefore, the brooch is a projection of what you are trying to say to other people. The brooch itself is a symbolism of what a person admires and values as well as a quirk.