Antique Japanese Kiseru Tobacco Smoking Pipe, Pipe Case & Pouch | Meiji Era


Dimensions: Kiseru  - 7-3/4”l; Slip Box - 8-3/4”l; Pouch - 5-0’l x 3-0”w

This is a complete set – foursome- of Japanese antiques called a Tabaco Ire, including an original Kiseru pipe, its leather cover/ slip box, (Kiseru-Dutsu) a leather pouch, (Fukuro) with copper Kanemono Wheat Sheaf embellishment. The piece has a connecting leather cord with its original cinnabar-colored Chrysanthemum carved Ojime bead. The pouch is signed on the inside plaque, as well as on the pipe’s mouthpiece which is marked with Japanese characters relating to the Crane/nature motif.

The Kiseru pipe is smoothly cast with a Crane etching on a textured silver a traditional smoking pipe from the Meiji Era. It is made of two separate ends with a central section of bamboo. Both the mouthpiece as well as the bowl ends are made of high-grade Japanese cast silver. They have an aged, warm patina from over a century of use among ordinary people and the upper class. 

Condition: Excellent condition, beautifully textured leather and box, along with their warm aged patina remain in functionally fine condition.