Japanese Folk-Toys by Tekiho Nisizawa


"A Collectors Find" — “A nation without toys is doomed to ruin,” says an old adage. Although the lack of toys cannot conceivably be a sufficient reason in itself for any nation’s decline and fall, there would seem to be much truth in this saying. Historical toys are almost always folk toys. Each locality has its peculiar way of life, its own tradition, modes and manners, legends and products. Whatever is made out of local materials must retain a wealth of local color. Toys in the last analysis are objects of childish fancy. A race grown old has long lost its child mind and is not satisfied with the simple stimulus of folk toys, seeking a more complex type of entertainment.

This small book from the Board of Tourist Industry is one series of twenty-seven publications, this being the twenty-sixth in English dealing with a different subject. Such a rich history of toys cannot be given full and individual description within the limits of a small 82-page softcover book in full color but this little book tries to share the state of the art of toy design and handcrafting. Only the most outstanding toys will be dealt with and each will be explained in simple terms in this small book. But it is hoped that the reader and future researcher will be able to obtain a general idea of Japanese toys. This book reviews the common characteristics, then give a  historical outline of their development and needs to be in a collectors library. 

Condition: Excellent, “rare” book in antique condition with some foxing and limited use with slight tattering on the edges from shelving.