Japanese Game of “GO” by Hukumensi Mihori


"A Collectors Find" — It is a common desire among American and European travelers to learn something about the culture of the countries they visit, as well as to see their beautiful folk and scenery. To see is naturally easier than to learn. This small book from the Board of Tourist Industry is one series of twenty-seven publications, this being the twenty-seventh in English dealing with a different subject regarding the history of Japanese Culture and pastime entertainment. This edition specifically focuses on the game of GO is the most popular indoor game in Japan. It is played on a square gaming board and checkered with 19 horizontal squares. The main principle of the game is not to kill or to capture the “soldiers” of the tiered side. This little book explains the game in detail with diagrams, reviews its history throughout Japan, and has images of antique GO boards that have been in use for centuries.

Therefore it is no wonder that in Japan, where the game has a history of GO playing for more than a dozen centuries. GO is a way to be initiated into the truth of Oriental mysticism and to a true appreciation of Japan itself. An excellent historical and practical 76-page softcover book with black and white images on GO for both the player and collector of GO Paraphernalia and needs to be in a collectors library.

Condition: Excellent, “rare” book in antique condition with some foxing and limited use with slight tattering on the edges from shelving.