Japanese Meiji Era Daruma Okimono / Boxwood Netsuke: Shinbutsu Awakening Daruma Figures | Rare Items

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Dimensions: 2-1/8 h x 1-0”w ; 1-1/2”h x 2-1/2”w

This pair of boxwood Okimono/Netsuke are perfectly carved in the form of Daruma seated and yawning, (Akubi Daruma) as if awakening from his long contemplation, and dressed in a vermillion flowing robe, with his arms extended and hands clasped languorously together in front of him. The second piece is sitting in a meditative position, (Muktasana) with his hands stretched upwards, and representative of a man who is not yet ready to be disturbed. Each has very life-like facial features and expressions in a doleful manner characteristic of this Zen patriarch. Unknown craftsman. Presented in a Kiriwood box wrapped in silk. Featured in the book entitled: Miniature Arts of China and Japan by Barry Till as well as published in several museum catalogues on netsuke artifacts.

Condition: Excellent condition for the pieces are perfect no missing elements or color loss.  The piece in the Muktasana seated position has a few scratches on the back of the piece from handling. Each has beautiful original carved detailing. These Museum-quality pieces meet the standards of the collector of the Japanese Kokeshi folk art genre.