Japanese Seto-ware Hare Stoneware Figure by by Otsu Hosen

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Dimensions: 5-1/2”h x 4-0”w x 9-0”l

This large Seto-ware figure is a beautiful and expressive Hare and exhibits the most distinctive features of Seto ware in its use of what is called Kiseto, or yellow glaze. Seto potters developed deliberately applied glaze instead of the old natural ash glaze. It has a thickly applied matte yellow glaze with a semi-rough surface that is slightly crackled. It has extraordinary details and expression, is realistic, and is well made. The hare looks at the viewer with a pouty, inquisitive expression, as its head is turned back with exceptional long ears, a pronounced tail, and detailed paws with long, finger-like digits. Finely modeled cream and yellow glazing defined the fur, running back from the hares face, accentuating the elongated ears. Seto is currently the largest producer of ceramic novelties, such as animals such as in this handsome rabbit. The piece is unsigned and purchased from a shop that specialized in this type of subject that handled Otsu-san’s work.

Condition: Mint condition and as originally crafted and in perfect condition retaining the beautiful crafting of this rare rabbit. No chips, cracks, or breaks.

Additional Information:

Otsu Hosen is a Seto-ware potter who works out of Hishino Gama. He is Vice Chairman of the Seto Traditional Ceramics Association, and an All Japan Artist Association committee member. He has won various awards throughout his career his first being the Encouragement Award at the Japan Art Consortium Exhibition. He went on the win Second Prize and then the Excellence Award at the same competition. He won the Hokkoku Newspaper Company Award at the All Japan Traditional Art and Crafts Exhibition, and the Kyoto Art Academy Award. He also won the Encouragement Award, the Kyoto Mayor Prize, and finally the Grand Prize at the Japan Arts and Crafts Exhibition. He has exhibited ‘Mizusashi’, (Lidded water pot) in an exhibition in Mexico, and participated in an exhibition in Singapore. He is best known for his wide range of glaze techniques.