Japanese Sterling Silver and Carnelian Necklace | Showa Period


Dimensions: 9–1/4” Long 

This is a wonderfully Japanese applied sterling silver necklace strung with antique carved carnelian and vintage garnet beads.  Japanese women did not wear jewelry except for hair combs and hairpins, for the primary method of displaying one's status and wealth in Japan was through waring quality and expensive clothing, as well as fine hand-tailoring of all garments.

This unusual two-strand necklace is representative of the contemporary Japanese woman of the 20th/century. This piece is more like a Choker and is a close-fitting necklace worn around the neck, and made for a Japanese size woman and smaller compared to Western Jewelry.

Condition: It is intricately crafted and in very good original condition, original clasp. 

NOTE: Japanese jewelry, as it has developed since the Meiji period (1868-1912), was based on Japanese metal craftwork (sword-making), and has traveled a unique path that is different from European jewelry. Japanese women in the 18th century replied to the extravagant ways of Jewelry waring introduced by the Dutch East Indian Trading Company and Japanese women of privileged birth wore very elaborate clothes, make-up, and jewelry not commonly seen outside of sophisticated cities/populations in Japan.