Japanese Toys: Playing with History by Sanobe, Kamamoto and Pomeroy


This is a wonderful research book for Collectors. This hardbound book is a comprehensive, beautifully-illustrated survey of this extraordinarily original and rich art form.  The toys and dolls from different areas of Japan are illustrated and the descriptions reveal interesting local variations on general themes. In its own way, this is a historical tour of Japan. Japanese toys are shown to have historical and cultural implications and backgrounds, and fascinating folklore emerges from the simple playthings, many of which would be at home in a museum. Materials range from porcelain today to paper mache, and the techniques used are astonishingly varied. Some of the toys are for children to play with—others are used as charms and decorations.

Nearly four hundred full-page gravure illustrations—and twelve color plates and numerous black and white images—from the main part of the book. There are explanatory introductions and maps for each region described, and notes on each photograph.

Condition: Excellent, rare, used condition with the slipcover showing use from shelving.