Japanese Vintage Kiyomizu-yaki Pottery Daruma | New Years Okimono

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Dimensions: 5-1/4”h x 4-1/2” dia.

Daruma is a symbol of good luck in Japanese culture. This Kiyomizo Daruma has been crafted with a beautifully glazed vermillion orange with black features and gold accents and created to encourage good fortune and specifically designed for welcoming in the New Year. Daruma's unusual interpretation is shown with his white hachimaki around his head, (as opposed to the hood of his standard red robe), with an unglazed face, expressive white glaring eyes, large black eyebrows, beard, and most of all his large expressive ears. The piece has an impression on the back and bottom of the kiln and artist, who has not been identified.

Condition: Beautiful, excellent condition, and as originally crafted.

NOTE: Kiyomizu-yaki is one of the great traditional crafts in Kyoto. Kiyomizu ware has grown out of the Japanese tea ceremony and has supported Kyoto's tradition of pottery making in many ways. The pottery workshop is located in Kiyomizu-yaki Danchi in Kyoto's Yamashina area, a region known for its Kiyomizu-yaki and Kyo-yaki ceramics. Their ceramics are acknowledged and beloved around the world.