Japanese Vintage Silk Kuro-Hachijo, Tomesode Crested Kimono | Woman’s Formal Black Embroidered Cranes and Waves Kimono


Dimensions: 60” Length

This wonderful Japanese pure black, heavy 100% silk Kimono has beautifully stitched "Multi Cranes In Flight" and is accented with metallic gold creating a magical effect. Flowing water and waves are in multiple colors of red, pink, and orange hand-dyed, hand-painted, and partially hand-embroidered. This high-quality black tomesode, in a gorgeous design, incorporates five Kamon paulownia family crests. Kimonos of this type communicate a visual message including the tradition of "the longer the sleeves the younger the girl; the shorter the sleeves the older the woman”. Furisode sleeves are sewn shorter as the wearer ages or after marriage”— a true collector garment.

Vintage Condition: Very Good to excellent. Pre-owned and worn at minimal occasions showing minor soiling, (light staining and spotting from age in color areas which do not distract from its beauty). No signs of garment/textile wear. The piece was stored in a paulownia wood tansu with flat drawers, in which garments were folded and wrapped in kimono washi paper (tatoushi) to control humidity and odors. A Japanese conservator and a person we bought all of our textiles from said that if wanted the small color areas that are minimally soiled, (refer to the images associated with this offer) could be hand cleaned, but felt it was unnecessary.