Japanese Kousaido Hanga Incense with Hare (Usagi) Kodo and Saucer | Kogo for Tea Ceremony


Dimensions: 1-1/2” dia x 1-1/2”h and 2-0” dia.

This two-piece Kogo is for holding Incense during the Tea Ceremony and is specifically made for a child learning about the tea ceremony. This lovely case would be used to hold woodchips or small kneaded incense. It is all white with red dots for expressive eyes and pink ears. The piece has the maker's stamp on the bottom.

A Kogo can be made in many shapes and forms. From simple rounds to various animal shapes, etc. Incense from the Kogo is placed in the charcoal fire to create a nice smell as the Sumi gets hotter and hotter. Usually, there are about three pieces in the Kogo incense container but only two are placed in the fire, one near the fire and a second one more distant from the fire to start burning later and have a continuous fragrance in the Chashitsu. 

The accompanying piece is an incredibly charming porcelain rabbit incense saucer made of white porcelain with an abstract image of a crouching rabbit that holds cone incense (cherry blossom fragrance). The saucer is mad to catch ashes as the incense slowly burns. The fragrance of the incense creates a reminiscent calming floral scent enhancing any atmosphere.

Condition: Excellent, new and unused, and retains the original craft/workmanship. No discoloration, chipping/cracking, surface wear, or structural damage.