Large Japanese lacquer Tanzaku’bako with Rabbits - Japanese Poem Box

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Dimensions: 16-0”l x 3-1/2”w x 1-5/8”h

Offered is a large and narrow lacquer box in the shape of a Koto (musical instrument) with a lid that functions as a Tanzaku’bako | poem card box, (see images of what these poem cards would have looked like where some examples contain only writing and others with graphic images- not included). This elongated box is in Japanese high gloss black lacquer with gold and silver decoration following the hiramaki-e and takamaki-e treatment techniques. It shows a setting of two large rabbits in autumn grass (shown above their heads) looking at a large gold full moon, on a black background. The box is so subtle outside, that until one seems very close you see all the details of the textural tall grasses and ground on which they sit. The rabbits are extremely detailed with slightly textured fur and red eyes and long ears. The exterior and interior of the box are high gloss black lacquer.

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Condition:  Very good and consistent with age, use, and functions and retained its aesthetic character. No corner separations or loss of lacquer or motif, no fading or discoloration. The sides of the lid have a network of some fine pattern cracking brought about by the arching of the wood base which formed on the lacquer surface, as well as two short splits of the wood. All in conjunction with the flowing concave and convex “ogee” carved motif on each side which allows smooth removal of the unhinged lid. These factors do not distract from the aesthetic or functional qualities of the box.