Otafuku: Joy of Japan by Amy Sylvester Katoh

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In shops, shrines, temples and, homes throughout Japan, at noisy festivals and in the most serene teahouses, you are likely to encounter the plump, smiling image of Otafuku, a mystic figure having roots in Japan’s distant past. With her twinkling eyes and rosebud lips, the appears in countless incarnations—on textiles, tea cups, sake cups and dishes, as well as confections; in packaging, folk art, painting, and sculptures. Who is this warm, wonderful lady, whose gentle and joyful presence is felt everywhere in Japan?

Otakuku remains one of Japan’s lest analyzed yet beguiling figures She is every woman, s source of generosity, fertility symbol; her essence is goodwill and affirmation and delight and she is thought to bestow pleasure, success, and well being and to grant wishes.

This 192 hardbound book in English explores the colorful world of Otafuku. It  traces Otafuku’s roots and folk beginnings, showing her many delightful aspects and providing a magical glimpse into this charming and little-known corner of Japanese culture that is sure t enchant readers. This book is filled with more than 100 color photos of Otafuku images selected from the collections of hundreds objects treasure in museums and private collections. The wonderful book presents the many faces of this archetypal figure whose many roots arise from the soul of the Japanese people.

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