Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: “Shīzun-chū no josei | Seasons” by Kato, Hiroshi


Dimensions: 15-1/2”h

This set of three Kato-san’s tall and slender figures bring memories of very traditional women in Japan. The sumi-e’ brushwork is intricately detailed in these very unique dolls. One is decorated in a floral motif and a special notation is the fact that it is marked on the bottom as a competition winner with its assigned rank and award number; another depicts a cherry blossom and a branch; and the final piece shows a Winter Camellia. Of his seasonal Kokeshi the doll on the left is the most valuable of the three and when listed for sale commands three times the price of the other dolls. Each have a face which is extremely expressive, with tilted heads adding an unusual aspect to this series of dolls. Each are signed by the artist.