Tsutsugaki Textiles | Japanese Textiles Series by Kyotoshoin Volume 14


With Tsutsugaki, picturesque patterns can be rendered more freely than in the case of stencil dyeing using stencil paper. The bold, rustic Tsutsugaki designs are made by thick lines of resist paste extruded from a cylinder. It is interesting to read the thoughts of the common people in Japan from the drawn patterns. Many designs symbolize the desire for happiness, prosperity and longevity. Therefore, Tsutsugaki is also called a Japanese folk painting.

"Japanese Textiles" series (twenty volumes)”, 95 pages and  is an excellent book with beautiful plates and accurate explanations, and hardcovers, published by Kyoto Shoin in 1993-1994. All contents are translated into English

Condition: New, unused, Hardcover, clean and bright without a broken spine.