Vintage Chinese Jade Tea Cup | Jade Censor


Dimension:  2-1/8” h x 2-0” dia.

Originally such pieces were made as a teacup, but this beautiful piece of Jade was used as a censor with sand to hold stick incense, and used at a small home altar, (basis for this assessment is that there is no other reason for it having a perfectly proportioned hand-carved wood stand for honoring the piece). Jade comes from different locations in China producing many different types and color. This piece is an important dark green variety of Siberian nephrite called Spinach Jade. The turned stone form has deep sides flaring, nicely cut and hollowed out body, with a very slight rim which is finely thin with a foot ring base that is neatly formed. 

Condition:  Excellent, original authentic condition with slight natural imperfections in the interior base. The piece retains its natural and beautiful range of opaque to translucent character of this type of Jade.