Vintage Chinese Trestle Leg Table Top Display Stand with Everted Flanges | Huanghuali Wood

Sale price$185.00

Dimension: 14-0”l x 5-0”w x 5-0”h

Shown is a vintage elongated Chinese Trestle-Leg stand in Huanghuali, (yellow flowering pear), from Shanxi Province. It is beautifully shaped and well-proportioned.The top frame houses a floating single inset panel with pointe spirals scroll ends. The apron and waist are carved from one piece of wood and connect to the corner legs. There are two pierced scroll plaques incorporating an abstract representation of the Chinese Ruyi scrollwork and pierced motif at each end that are framed and elegantly joined with the splayed legs. It is finished in hand rubbed clear lacquer to exemplify the natural coloring of the wood. 

Vintage Condition: Exceptional with minimal effects from aging. “As is”, and retains the original craft/workmanship. Any discoloration, chipping/cracking or structural damage is noted. 

NOTE: Today, the art of wood carving is one of the most sought after antiques from China.