Vintage Japanese Ko-Kutani Crane Sake Cup Pair | Guinomi


Dimensions: 2-0"h x 2-0" dia.

The illustrious Ko-Kutani style is showcased in this pair of sake cups, meticulously crafted illustrating white cranes accented in gold feeding throughout the wetlands. Turquoise grass reeds on a blue background have vivaciously colored pigments adorning each cup, with elements bound by bold, black counter lines that assert each element of the graphic design. The rim spirals with simple elegance, guiding your gaze toward the details of the sides of each cup, while the foot of the cup is simply a platform to present the body of the piece. Every angle of this cup offers a new aesthetic delight. Being an earlier design neither piece maker's mark on the bottom but the work on each piece is definitely in the Ko-Kutani style which is heralded for its enchanting and realistic portrayals and holds a prestigious position in Japanese porcelain artistry. 

Condition: Excellent, and being a vintage item, it remains in a beautiful condition with no visible flaws, no chips, and no cracks, It is not microwave or dishwasher safe and was made when everything was delicately used and preserved for the next moment.