Vintage Japanese DARUMA (Bodhidharma)Kokeshi by Kazuo | Japanese Zen Buddhist Okimono


Dimension:  5-0” h x 4-1/4” dia

This wonderful hand painted figure of Daruma is made of one piece of beautifully detailed figure with an exceptionally expressive face showing Daruma’s determined expression opened white eyes and black pupils. A major feature is his large ears with ear loops pronounced nose, with a very textured and heavy beard with red outlined mouth. This  His eyebrows are said to be shaped like cranes, (“the crane said to live 1000 years, and the Tsuba long-lived Tortoise, (Monogamy) with his Tail of Seaweed representing by his beard and said to live 10,000”), both representing longevity. After the turning and carving the figure was finished with a type of natural candle wax,(Rosoku no ro). The piece has the artist red impressed stamp on the bottom.

Additionally, we see on the bottom right side of the figure a Hossu, the fly whisk which is an attribute of Daruma, (Bodhidharma), who according to tradition transmitted Chan Buddhism to China. It symbolizes the sweeping away of mental distractions and ignorance as well as symbolizing the sweeping away of mental distractions and ignorance. Daruma is said to have introduced the sencha tea culture to Japan, and the whisk indicates that scholarly conversation was taking place. Daruma holding a fly whisk is often seen in ceramic and pottery form but is rarely seen or indicated in wooden carving. 

Condition:  Generally excellent vintage condition, commensurate with age and retaining the original craft/workmanship and natural features of the wood from which is it made. An Exceptional representation of this notable religious founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism.The piece meets all the standards of Zen Buddhist art.