Vintage Japanese Miniature Sterling Silver Pop-Eye Goldfish

Sale price$95.00

Dimensions: 1-5/8”h; 3/4”d; 2-3/8”l

This beautiful Pop-Eye Goldfish is referred to as a “Demekin”, and is characterized by its protruding eyes, which were originally referred to as dragon eyes. Except for its enlarged projecting eyes, it has a deep body and long flowing fantail. The fish is made of solid heavy sterling silver, with a textured and detailed body. This type of fish originated in China in the 1400s and was traded in Japan beginning in the 1800s and seen in many interior and exterior gardens ponds and porcelain blue and white fish bowls. This miniature metal sculpture comes on its original miniature ivory scroll stand which was most likely used on a scholar's desk, which was common in homes for the nobles (shinden-zukuri) in support of contemplation and inspiration, (see last image). The piece is stamped 950 (similar to the silver used on Japanese swords) and impressed on the interior of the fantail. 

Condition: Excellent and original condition retaining their original craft/workmanship showing and is commensurate with age. The piece will clean beautifully and shiny but has been left unpolished to retain the aged patina.