Vintage Japanese Sosaku Kokeshi Entitled: Kantsbaki (Winter Camelia), by Takaizawa, Kazuo


Dimensions: 7-0”h

This exceptionally, beautiful, and the well-defined doll is typically left undecorated except for the strong and expressive incising of the head and camellia blossoms on the body. The representation of hair is done through low relief carving and staining, adding a classic black ‘bob’ hair treatment with a 'Mage', which is a type of bun in which the hair is wrapped in a complex circular coil giving further definition to the head details. The face shows a simple expression represented by thin eyes and a red nose. The piece is made of Enju wood. As an earlier piece in this series, the piece is unsigned. Later models of this doll had paper descriptions attached to the bottom of the doll, a red ink chop, and were signed when his work was discovered by international buyers who insisted on having the piece signed when buying them at shops that represented his work.

Condition: Excellent, original condition, with no fading or loss of color and consistent with age and standards of collectible Folk Art. All details are perfect and as crafted.

NOTE: As collectors, we felt it was most important to represent all Sosaku Kokeshi artists, whether or not the artist has a written account of his or her life. Each shows the diversity of this cultural specialization and the creative work produced by this artist. Takaizawa- san (b.1927-), lived in Maebashi City, in Gunma Prefecture, considered the center of modern Creative Kokeshi doll making. He is a multiple award winner, including the Prime Minister’s Award.