Vintage Japanese Sosaku Kokeshi Entitled: “Kiwi no Komorebi | Sunlight through Trees” by Miyajima Muhitsu

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Dimensions: 7-3/4”h

Simple form and function are the themes of Miyajima-san’s creations. This doll entitled: Komorobi, (light through the trees) features an abstract rendition of bamboo Sheaths and Nodal rings, executed using wood-burning techniques which form the artistic basis for the motif on the front of the body of this Kokeshi. This technique is meant to capture the essence of the forest in which each stroke of the wood-burning pen has meaning, and is to evoke emotion and beauty that a viewer can see not only in each abstract rendition but also in the spaces in between focusing on the light through the trees. The doll's face is simple with expressive narrow eyes and an abstract representation of hair and a white bow on the top of the head. This Kokeshi is made of Cherry, (Sakura), affording the doll a natural color and grain for which the motif can remain prominent. After the turning, carving the doll is lacquered and sealed with natural candle wax, (Rosoku no ro). A perfect doll for the collector of Miyajima’s work in the Japanese Kokeshi folk art genre. The piece has the title and the artist's signature on the bottom.

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Condition: Excellent condition means that the piece has no fading, cracks, or repairs and is in original condition and consistent with the age and standards of collectible Kokeshi Folk Art.