Vintage Japanese Tougatta-kei Daruma Kokeshi by Sakura Eiichi | Bodhidharma Kokeshi


Dimensions: 5-1/2”h x 3-3/4” dia.

Tougatta dolls are thought to be the oldest family members of the Traditional school. They originated in the Tougatta Onsen in the Miyagi Prefecture, and were subsequently being produced also at Aone Onsen, and the cities of Sendai, and Izumi.

This Daruma, (Bodhidharma) was a monk who began the Zen School of Buddhism. The original hand painting design, (in black pigment symbolizing protection against evil sprits) for which the details have fully retained its beautiful details. He has exceptionally expressive face showing Daruma’s determined expression with opened eyes and black pupils and a pronounced furrows above the nose, with a very detailed and heavy beard. His eyebrows are heavy black and shaped like cranes (which are said to live 10,000 years”), and which is common for this characteristic style of doll. The doll is lathe-turning from beech (Buna-zai) wood, and was finished with a type of natural candle wax, (Roseau no ro). The artists signature and details are in script and on the bottom of the doll. The top of the doll has additional script writings pertaining to Daruma and future fortune and on the front of his robe has one of many symbols for good luck.

Condition:  Generally excellent vintage condition, commensurate with use and age and retaining the original craft/workmanship and natural features of the wood from which it is made—an Exceptional representation of this notable religious founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism. The piece meets all the standards of Zen Buddhist art from this period.