Vintage Japanese Hagi-yaki White Crackle Glaze Stoneware Usagi by Kiyomizu Rokube

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Dimensions: 5-1/4”h x 9-1/4”L x 5-1/4”w

 This resting figure of an Usagi is made of white porcelain and fired in Yamaguchi prefecture that focused on Hagi-shi. It is famous for the glazed pottery which Korean's technique was transferred with the forming by kicking the potter's wheel and using straw and ash glaze. The piece is fully made from kaolin clay from Mitake in the Fukui Shimo Area of Hagi City.

The feature of Hagi Ware is soft for hand (touch) with slight texturing of the surface changing the colors and in this case, not only the white surface defining his fur but on the back of the rabbit is a pinkish/brown tone. The entire piece is made with its local clay from the kiln's location in the area. His head is slightly turned to look upwards and has a pronounced snout and expressively defined eyes in the same pinkish/brown coloration of his highly arched back along with the inside of one ear that rests on his back. Our records show and according to the Hagi dealer upon purchase said that the figure was done by Kiyomizu Rokube.

Condition: Mint condition and as originally crafted and in perfect condition retaining the beautiful crafting of this rare rabbit without chips, cracks, or breaks.