Vintage Paulo Soleri Bronze Windbell Double Slitted Design | Soleri Original


Dimensions: 4-1/5”L x 4-3/4”w

Throughout the world Bells all have special meanings. In Japan, Bells are rung in many places including gardens resulting in a deep, penetrating sound, and are believed to have the power to stop suffering and provide serenity. In our years of collecting we have come across some exceptional craftspersons one of which was Paolo Soleri, (1919-2013).

He was an exceptional Italian-born Architect and Bronze Bell Casting Artist, who personally made this exceptional vintage and beautifully sculpted bronze bell. The piece was made before his staff at Cosanti began to produce replicas as a fundraising endeavor, all based on his original designs. Being Director of Design at ASU I hosted several several shared lectures and demonstrations with the artist and purchased several pieces before assuming the Directorship. 

The piece offered has a flared unique double split-gap shape imitating a lotus in bloom with petals and the same “earth-casting” motifs on the exterior, with a solid bronze/copper clapper and Fin, and a solid bronze “S” finial and rod for hanging. This bell has a beautiful deep and resonating sound that is very pleasing to the ear and moves easily in the wind to whatever it is attached. The piece has Soleri’s impressed stamp on the side. 

Condition: Excellent with a wonderfully-developed multi-colored patina classic weathered, matte green look with accents ranging from reddish-brown to blue-green coloration. The piece is unrestored and left naturally patinated after 38 years from the date of purchase at a presentation by Soleri at his Paradise Valley studio, (less than ten of his innovative earth structures have survived).